How to Change Color of Visited Links in Chrome, Firefox?


the most effective method to modify the shade of went to joins in various web programs, so you can abstain from tapping on website pages that have been perused as of now.

This is useful particularly when you (or your loved ones) are partially blind. For the individuals who are visually challenged, it’s difficult to differentiate between the shades of went by and unvisited web joins on the off chance that they are not set appropriately. This can make basic web perusing a baffling knowledge.


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Google Chrome


Tragically for the Chrome program, you’ll need to add an augmentation to influence it to work. Here’s a well ordered instructional exercise:


Stage 1: Open Chrome, at that point introduce this expansion called Stylist. Tap on the blue “ADD TO CHROME” catch.


​Step 2: Confirm by clicking “Include augmentation”. You’ll see a warning demonstrating the module has been added to Chrome.


​Step 3: Right-tap on the Stylist augmentation symbol, at that point select Options. Under the Styles tab, hit Add New Style.


Stage 4: Now name the new style, check the “All site” alternative, reorder this bit of code (as demonstrated as follows) in the crate, and snap Save.


Stage 5: Check if the new style has produced results. For my situation, yes — the shade of the went to TechCrunch Wikipedia page is presently changed to green.


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Mozilla Firefox


Rolling out the improvement in Firefox program is considerably less demanding in light of the fact that dissimilar to Chrome, you don’t have to introduce any outsider augmentation. Take after the well ordered guide beneath:


Stage 1: Make beyond any doubt the “Dependably utilize Private Browsing mode” choice is deselected. Open Firefox Menu > Preferences > Privacy.

Under History > Firefox will:, select “Utilize custom settings for history”. In the event that you’ve checked “Dependably utilize private perusing mode”, uncheck it. On the off chance that it’s deselected (as a matter of course), you are great. Go to Step 2.


Stage 2: Now go to Content > Fonts and Colors > Colors.

In the “Hues” windows, change the shade of “Went to Links:” to your coveted one, select Always in the drop-down menu, and tap the “alright” catch to spare your progressions.


Stage 3: That’s it. To test if the setting change is viable, essentially complete a snappy inquiry on Google and check whether the shade of those went to comes about has changed. For my situation, I set them as green, and it works.


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