How to Connect Office 365 to your Email System?


If you want to connect Microsoft office setup 365 to your email system, then you have to follow the given steps.


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Connect Office 365 to your email system


Go to the Exchange admin center.



In the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Migration.



Choose More More icon > Migration endpoints.



On the Migration endpoints page, choose New New icon .



On the Select the migration endpoint type page, choose Outlook Anywhere > Next.


Office 365 Setup : Install Office



On the Enter on-premises account credentials page, enter the following information:


  • Email address      Type the email address of any user in the on-premises Exchange organization that will be migrated. Office 365 will test the connectivity to this user’s mailbox.
  • Account with privileges      Type the user name (domain\user name format or an email address) for an account that has the necessary administrative permissions in the on-premises organization. Office 365 will use this account to detect the migration endpoint and to test the permissions assigned to this account by attempting to access the mailbox with the specified email address.
  • Password of account with privileges     Type the password for the account with privileges that is the administrator account.


Choose Next and then do one of the following:


If Office 365 successfully connects to the source server, the connection settings are displayed. Choose Next.

Exchange server Type the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the on-premises Exchange Server. This is the host name for your Mailbox server; for example,

RPC proxy server Type the FQDN for the RPC proxy server for Outlook Anywhere. Typically, the proxy server is the same as your Outlook Web App URL. For example,, which is also the URL for the proxy server that Outlook uses to connect to an Exchange Server

On the Enter general information page, type a Migration endpoint name, for example, Test5-endpoint. Leave the other two boxes blank to use the default values.

If the test connection to the source server isn’t successful, provide the following information:


Choose New to create the migration endpoint.


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