How to Create Custom Data Graphics in Microsoft Visio?

office setup comes with lots of applications. Microsoft Visio is one of them.

Microsoft Visio has a rich arrangement of inherent illustrations to speak to information outwardly.

you can assemble information designs, make numerous information illustrations with a solitary shape and connection your information from an outside information source to make convincing and cutting-edge diagrams.

You likewise can make custom information illustrations particular to your business needs and corporate principles.

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How to Create Custom Data Graphics in Microsoft Visio?


You can use Microsoft visio for making data graphics. You can make flow charts in it.


How to Create data graphic icons in Microsoft Visio?


First, decide what shapes to use as data graphics icons. All shapes can be renamed by using the Shape Name command on the Developer tab.

Resize the data graphics according to your needs. One easy way is to drop the shape of the flowchart onto the Visio canvas and then drop one of data graphics shapes on top of the flowchart to get an idea of how it will look.


How to Group shapes in Microsoft Visio?


Presently amass the shapes together. You can do this on the Visio canvas by dropping the shapes over each other.

The information realistic shrouds the shapes to demonstrate just the best shape, however in the event that the shapes are spread over the page, the information illustrations won’t be appeared to scale.

Along these lines, begin by laying out the shapes as appeared above and after that drag D over G, R over G, et cetera, until the point that you get all shapes over each other.

Visio aides will enable you to accomplish precision.

Once you get all of the shapes together, select all of the shapes and then use the group operation to group the shapes.


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Theme Protection:


To protect the theme of the final diagram, lock the Format, Group Format, Theme Colors and Theme Effects cells in the Protection section of the shapesheet.

Quickly test the data graphic. On the master sheet, go to the shapesheet and try different numbers between 0 and 4 in the msvCalloutIconNumber property. The canvas should show the appropriate shape.


Create a Master Stencil in Microsoft Visio?


To create a master stencil, it’s a good idea to create a backup of your group shape first. Once you have your backup saved, open the document stencil by browsing to More Shapes and then selecting Show Document Stencil. Drag and drop the group shape in the Document Stencil to make it a master stencil.


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