How to Export contacts from Outlook 2016 or 2013?


When you send out your contacts from Outlook, a duplicate of your contacts is spared to a CSV document, or other record write. You would then be able to utilize this document to import your contacts to another email account.


Install Microsoft Office 2016 :


1. In Outlook 2013 or 2016 on a PC, pick File.

In the event that your strip doesn’t have a File alternative in the upper left corner, you’re not utilizing Outlook 2016 or 2013.

2. Pick Open and Export > Import/Export.

3. Pick Export to a document.

4. Pick Comma Separated Values.

5. THIS STEP IS KEY particularly in case you’re obtaining a companion’s PC: In the Select organizer to send out from box, look to the best if necessary and select the Contacts envelope that is under your record. Pick Next.

6. Pick Browse, name your document, and pick OK.

7. Affirm where your new contacts document will be saved money on your PC, and pick Next.

8. Pick Finish to begin sending out your contacts instantly. Viewpoint doesn’t show any message when the fare procedure is finished yet the Import and Export Progress box leaves.

9. Find the new .csv record on your PC and open it with Excel to confirm your contacts are there. You’ll likely have a considerable measure of discharge cells. That is typical.

10. By and large we suggest shutting the record without sparing any progressions; generally the document may get botched up and you won’t have the capacity to utilize it for bringing in. In the event that that happens you can simply run the fare procedure again and make another document.

11. On the off chance that you obtained a companion’s PC with Outlook on it, you would now be able to expel your record from his variant of Outlook. Here’s the ticket:

a. In Outlook on the work area, pick File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

b. Pick the record you need to erase, and after that pick Remove.

c. Pick Close.

12. Since your contacts are duplicated to a .csv record, you can import them to another PC with Outlook for Windows on it, or import them to another email benefit.


For more details, visit : Export contacts from Outlook


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