Which are the Best Media Players for Mac OS?

When searching for the best media player for Mac you have to consider a couple of things like visual show, its UI and the kind of media documents it underpins.

There are a great deal of media players out there for you to look over, all situated on the web. The following is a rundown of the best 4 best media players for Mac that you could experience and choose the best for you.


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  1. VLC Player

My first proposal should be the VLC media player. It is the best for Mac, as well as different stages. It is capable and underpins most record arrange types, with a significant number of customization and improvement alternatives to best suit you.

You could likewise utilize it for screen recording and not simply sound and video playing. The main burden is the way that it depletes my battery too quick. Introduce it on your Mac as well and let me know whether it depletes your battery or not.


2. Brisk Time Player

Most Mac clients favor this media player in view of its principle include and that is battery improvement. You could play media records for longer on battery control when utilizing this media player. Another intriguing element you won’t discover in some other player is the AirPlay bolster.

Its UI is likewise simple to utilize and loads of fun. It can’t, notwithstanding, play MKV documents which are extremely frustrating. On the off chance that you don’t play MKV documents then this media player will suit you fine and dandy. I additionally like it since it works with the most recent touch bar on Macbook Pro.


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3. MplayerX

This media player has a few forms out there, the best I would suggest, in any case, is the MplayerX adaptation. It can be controlled with the Apple Remote and plays most media documents. Its UI is additionally very easy to utilize and its execution is impeccable.

Its greatest impediment is that it contains fly up advertisements which can be chafing.


4. MPV

Its essential concentration is the streamlined CLI choice and does not have an interface since it doesn’t keep running on GUI. You basically get the chance to utilize the cursor developments for the on-screen controls. It works flawlessly thinking about its size and has an awesome video yield.

When you have to set aside on space and get every one of the highlights of a media player then this is the best player for you.


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