How to Use OneNote Class Notebook?

The OneNote Class Notebook is an application that encourages you set up OneNote in your class. This application will make a class note pad, which incorporates three sorts of sub-note pads:


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Understudy Notebooks — private note pads that are shared between every educator and their individual understudies. Instructors can get to these note pads whenever, however understudies can’t see other understudies’ note pads.

Content Library — a note pad for instructors to share course materials with understudies. Instructors can include and alter its materials, yet for understudies, the journal is perused as it were.

Joint effort Space — a note pad for all understudies and the educator in the class to share, sort out, and work together.


Likewise, we have discharged the Class Notebook Add-in, which is a valuable apparatus to enable make To class Notebooks much more effective for educators. This include is uninhibitedly accessible for clients of OneNote 2013 and 2016 for Windows, and is additionally incorporated with OneNote 2016 for Mac.



An Office 365 membership for Education that incorporates OneDrive for Business. In case you don’t know you have this, please contact your IT overseer to confirm.

An authoritative record for yourself (the educator) with consents to utilize the OneNote Class Notebook application to make the class scratch pad.

Your understudies must have an Office 365 authoritative record.


Dispatch the OneNote Class Notebook

1. Sign in to Office 365.

2. Tap the application launcher in the upper left.

3. In the rundown of applications that shows up, tap the Class Notebook application.


How to Manage Class Notebooks?

To oversee different capacities for your Class Notebooks, tap the Manage note pads catch from the Class Notebook wizard.

This shows a page that demonstrates all class scratch pad made by you, and data for redoing every one.


Install Microsoft Office 2016 :


Choices include:


Renaming understudy areas

To rename any understudy segments, tap the little pencil symbol, and after that compose the new name of the segment. Make sure to click Save in the wake of renaming understudy areas.


Including understudy areas

To disperse another segment to all understudies, tap the Add segment catch. Make certain to click Save subsequent to including understudy segments.


Empowering the Teacher-Only area assemble

The Teacher-Only segment bunch is a private space where just the instructor can perceive what’s inside. To include a Teacher Only area gathering to your Class Notebook, click Enable Teacher-Only segment gathering. Different instructors that approach your Class Notebook will likewise approach the Teacher-Only segment gathering, yet understudies can’t see anything here.


Locking the Collaboration Space

Enabling this choice changes the Collaboration Space to peruse just (or lockdown) to keep any understudies from altering. You can flip the change from bolted to opened whenever.


Opening the Class Notebook

Click Open to open the Class Notebook.


Sharing a connection to the Class Notebook

To send a connection to the Class Notebook to your class, select and duplicate the content in the Link box, and afterward glue it into an email.


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