Phishing: Don’t Take The Bait!

Phishing attacks are becoming a more widespread and dangerous online threat every year.

If you enter one wrong click, all your personal information can get hacked. So protecting yourself from these attacks is very important. Install norton setup.

Phishing is a technique which is used to bait victims with fake emails that appear to come from reputable sources.

If you click on malicious link or share some of your private information, the attacker’s goal is completed.


Lesser Known Phishing Giveaways:


Requests for confidential information via email or instant message

Emails using scare tactics or urgent requests to respond.

Asking for bank information, id, Password, ATM pin, Online Banking details etc.

Directions to visit websites with misspelled URLs.


Install mcafee with Product Key


Stay Ahead of Cyber Criminals:


Contact the administration or brand straightforwardly through another correspondence channel , and request that they confirm whether the substance of the email is honest to goodness.

Abstain from giving any actually identifiable data (PII) electronically, unless you are to a great degree sure the email is from the expressed source.

Install antivirus in PC for web protection.

In the event that you do click a connection from an email, confirm the site’s security before presenting any data.

Ensure the site’s URL starts with “https” and that there’s a shut bolt symbol close to the address bar. Likewise, make sure to check for the site’s security declaration.


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