What Is a Microsoft PowerPoint Deck?

Microsoft Power-point is a perfect tool for making presentation.


Microsoft PowerPoint Deck is another name for the series of slides that make up your presentation file.


Step 1.

When you open PowerPoint, it shows a single white title slide by default.

To change the presentation’s design, apply a template theme.


Step 2.

Open the Design tab.

To preview a theme, hover your mouse over a design.

When you find a design you like, select it to apply it.

PowerPoint applies the theme to the current slide and any new slides you add.


Step 3.

To customize the template theme, go to the Variants area and select the down arrow.


Step 4.

Use the Colors, Fonts, Effects and Background Styles options to customize the theme.

Select an option to apply the change.


Step 5.

To add a slide to a deck, select the Home tab and then select the New Slide down arrow.


Step 6.

Choose a slide layout from the list to insert the new slide.


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