How to Repair A Microsoft Office Application in Windows 8?

If You are using Microsoft Office 365,  Microsoft Office Setup 2016, Microsoft Office Setup 2013 or any other version, Sometimes you may face some problem like Office application such as Word or Excel isn’t working correctly.

Sometimes restarting it will fix the problem.

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If that doesn’t work, you can try repairing it. When you’re done, you might need to restart your computer.


Install & Activate Microsoft Office Setup with key


How to Repair A Microsoft Office Application in Windows 8 or 8.1?


Right-click the Start button Windows Start button in Windows 8 and Windows 10 (lower-left corner), and select Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

From Category view, under Programs, select Uninstall a program.

Right-click the Microsoft Office product you want to repair, and from the drop-down, select Change.

Depending if your copy of Office is Click-to-run or an MSI-based install, do the following for your Office installation type.


(a) Click-to-Run installation type:

In How would you like to repair your Office Programs, select Online Repair to make sure everything gets fixed, and then select Repair.


(b) MSI-based installation type:

In Change your installation, select Repair and then click Continue.


Is my Office Click-to-Run or MSI-Based?



  • Open an Office application, such as Outlook or Word.

  • Go to File > Account or Office Account.
  • If you see an “Update Options” item, you have a Click-to-Run installation. If you don’t see the “Update Options” item, you have an MSI-based install.


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