How to Set up Email on Phones and Tablets?

You can easily setup emails accounts in your Internet-capable mobile phones and tablets using POP or IMAP.

Mobile phones mostly support Exchange ActiveSync, so you can connect your office 365 account to it.

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How to Set up POP or IMAP Email on an Internet Capable Phone?


If you are using Microsoft Office 365 account, then follow the instructions.

Email address: This is your full email address

User name: Your user name is your full email address

Password: This is the password for your email account.

Server settings: These are your incoming and outgoing server settings. Choose either POP3 or IMAP4.


Incoming server settings:

POP3 Server name:

IMAP4 Server name:

Port: 995

Encryption: SSL


Outgoing server settings:

SMTP Server name:

Port: 587

Encryption: TLS


Authentication settings:

Select the outgoing server requires authentication option.

Don’t select the setting for Secure Password Authentication.


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