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Use OneDrive for Business to adjust your school or work records to your PC. From that point forward, you can work with documents specifically in your record framework and access them notwithstanding when you’re disconnected.

At whatever point you’re on the web, any progressions that you or others make will synchronize naturally.


To synchronize OneDrive for Business to your PC

Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

Select the application launcher Office 365 application launcher symbol , and after that select OneDrive.

Select the Sync catch.

At the point when your program requests consent to open Microsoft OneDrive, click Allow or Yes.

What occurs next relies upon whether you have the most recent adaptation of OneDrive as of now, regardless of whether you’re marked in to OneDrive with your work or school account, and whether you utilize exemplary OneDrive.

On the off chance that the Getting prepared to synchronize discourse box shows up and nothing else happens, click Get the most recent form of OneDrive.

At the point when the download completes you’ll be requested to sign in.

On the off chance that the Set up OneDrive exchange box shows up, sign in with your work or school account.

In the event that you as of now have the most recent rendition of OneDrive and you’re as of now marked in, OneDrive will open and you’ll be at the subsequent stage.


Get Microsoft office 365 Support : steps for office setup


At the point when OneDrive opens and the Sync your OneDrive records to this PC discourse box shows up, pick the organizers you need to match up, or select Sync all documents and envelopes, and after that select OK.

Match up is good to go up now. You can close the Getting prepared to synchronize exchange box now, if it’s as yet open in web program.

Your OneDrive for Business records will now show up in File Explorer or Finder as OneDrive – CompanyName.


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