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When it comes to productivity on the go, Android has come a long way. You have plenty of options to stay productive on your phone or tablet, and while the best will cost you money, if you prefer, you can get respectable features for free. We think MobiSystems’ OfficeSuite 8 is the best overall option for Android, but if its price tag scares you, we have more options.

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Regardless of the office suite you choose, you likely still won’t want to write a novel on your phone, but updating documents, editing spreadsheets, and even reviewing presentations isn’t as painful as it was even a few years ago. Your Android tablet, however, is a completely different matter. Some of these productivity suites have progressed so far that they’re quite serviceable, and familiar enough to their desktop counterparts that you can get some real work done.

OfficeSuite 8

Includes a robust word processor, spreadsheet creator and editor, and presentation tool.
Beautiful, desktop-style user-interface that’s still easy to use on mobile devices, and easy to zoom in and move around large documents, or zoom out and see the entire document in one view

Allows you to view, open, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, including Office 2013 documents
Extended support for additional document and office formats like Open Office files, ZIP archives, rich and plain text, and more.
Supports conditional formatting and filters in Excel files and in new spreadsheets, format painting in Word documents and new files, and supports adding images from the camera or gallery to documents

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Can open documents from and sync to cloud storage and document management services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, among others

Offers a robust file manager that guides you to recent documents, recently edited documents, your personal documents, files stored locally on your phone or tablet, and cloud-saved documents

Supports image viewing and remote file viewing in-app

Allows you to convert text and .doc documents to secure PDFs
Allows you to convert PDF documents to Office documents or ePub files
Includes a PDF reader and editor that supports annotations, digital signatures, permissions management, and password-protection
Supports file templates to get you up and working quickly
Supports track changes for multiple authors and shared documents
Allows you to manage your Android device’s storage through the file manager and delete, create, and rename files and folders
Allows you to send and share files via email, Bluetooth file transfer, Wi-Fi direct transfer,
Allows you to display documents and presentations on an external display and control it from your Android phone
Allows you to browse ZIP archives as ordinary folders
Available in over 50 languages

Where It Excels
OfficeSuite 8 is probably the most mature, good-looking, and easy-to-use Office suite available for Android. It borrows a bit from some of the familiar Android elements that you’ll find in other tools (most notably Google Drive, which we’ll get to in a moment) but when it’s time to get down to business and start working, you’ll find an interface that looks and feels similar to productivity suites on the desktop. That’s not to say it’s specifically beautiful or anything, just that it’s refreshingly familiar without being so difficult to use and crammed with buttons and menus that it’s difficult to work on the go.

Like we mentioned, using it on your smartphone will still be a bit of a challenge, and just about any office suite there is probably best suited to small edits, reviewing and reading files, or opening documents to share with others. On your tablet though, if you have the luxury of using a Bluetooth keyboard with your Android tablet alongside OfficeSuite 8, you could easily trick yourself into thinking you’re working on the desktop. That’s how seamless it is.

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