Two-Factor Authentication: Why & How You Should Use it

Average users are just too unreliable to regularly create secure passwords that are different across all accounts, so using technology to augment this traditional security is imperative.

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From online banking to email to cloud-based file storage, much of our high-value information is in danger if a hacker gains access to our most frequently visited sites and accounts.

You need two way authentication here.

It adds extra layer of security to your basic login procedure.


When logging into an account,

  • The password is a single factor of authentication
  • Requiring a second factor to prove you are who you say you are is an added layer of security.


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Three Categories of Two-Factor Authentication:


  1. Password.
  2. An ID card, or a mobile phone.
  3. A biometric factor such as a fingerprint.


Protect Accounts with an Extra Layer of Security:


Popular social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, have added 2FA to help protect users from hackers.

Big Companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon will notify you via email each time you log in from a different device or location.

2FA from an SMS text message is popular and much more secure than a password alone.

This is because it’s relatively easy for an attacker to gain access to your SMS texts.

Many people are guilty of using weak passwords or the same login information across several accounts, and if this sounds like you, we recommend that you use authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy.


for more security:


Change passwords periodically, do not recycle passwords, don’t use the same password for your social media account and your bank account, and finally store your passwords in a safe place.


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