Unique Uses of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

When you install office setup 365, office setup 2016, office setup 2013 or any other version, you get Microsoft excel with it.

But People doesn’t know about most of uses of excel sheets.

The Key Uses of Excel in the Work Place

We can say that Microsoft Excel is one of the most important computer tool or software which is used for office, business, school, colleges, workplace everywhere.

Microsoft excel has made our life much easier by its various functions.


1. Excel Sheet for Storing Data:

You can use excel sheet for entering, calculating, analyzing important data.
Excel sheet helps to turn the numbers in to pie chart, bar diagram or visual diagram etc.
Excel sheet is useful to store official data, student data, id passwords etc.


2. Excel Sheet for Formulas:

Excel sheet is helpful to create simple or complex formulas.
Excel includes a formula library for calculating things like Net Present Value (NPV), standard deviation, interest payments over time, and other common financial and mathematics formulae.


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3. Excel Sheet for Creating Reports:

Excel is very useful software to making the company reports.
Data can be modified easily. You can change the font size, font color, headings etc.
Excel is best software for making report of financial summaries, compliance documents or personnel reports.


4. Excel Sheet for Merging Data:

Excel is perfect tool to collect & merge data together in the forms like table, raw – column etc.


(There are various shortcut keys, which can be used to manage data quickly. Which saves too much time.)


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