What is Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft To-Do enables you to make straightforward yet savvy plan for the day with updates. You can likewise monitor your advance on various activities and make the same number of independent records as you need to arrange your ventures. Utilize it to monitor pretty much anything like work ventures, shopping records, errands, and so on.

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Spotlight on day by day assignments utilizing the My Day include in To-Do. You can include things from your ventures and the schedule to My Day, and see initially what you have to achieve every day. Add due dates and suggestions to list and to-do things so you keep in mind anything. Add nitty gritty notes to your things, similar to addresses and site URLs.

To-Do looks like Wunderlist, which isn’t a happenstance in light of the fact that Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in 2015. On the off chance that you’ve been utilizing Wunderlist, you can import your Wunderlist things specifically into To-Do. Your rundowns will synchronize over your gadgets, so you can deal with your undertakings in a hurry.

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