What is Microsoft Yammer? How does it Works?

You get Yammer social networking service with the Microsoft Office Setup Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations.

Yammer is A Social Network for Your Business.

But anyone can join yammer by only having working email address with the domain of your company.


Important Facts about Yammer:


1. Less Use of Emails By Using Yammer:

companies which uses yammer, they don’t need to use emails too much. The official communication work is made much easier by using yammer.


2. Yammer is Available on Mobile Platforms:

Users can use yammer on different mobile devices like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, windows etc. easily.


3. Easy to Share Files on Yammer:

Users can share the data by attaching the files into any post.
Users can upload images, files, videos & share it so other Yammerers can download and update them.


4. Contact Coworkers on Yammer:

Yammer creates a People Directory automatically for every person enrolled with yammer. So It is very easy to contact your coworkers & get information about them.


5. Yammer Supports Hashtags:

Yammer supports hashtags (#) for search. And @mentions are also supported by yammer.


for more information, visit : www.office.com/setup.

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