List of Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

Vindictive programming, worms, Trojans and PC infections are on the expansion, say security specialists, as programmers, spammers and personality criminals look for better approaches to take data that can be utilized to discharge ledgers or spread electronic commotion.


List of Worst Computer Viruses of All Time:

Here is the list of worst computer viruses:


List of Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

List of Worst Computer Viruses of All Time



The Love Bug flooded internet users with ILOVEYOU messages in May 2000, forwarding itself to everybody in the user’s address book. It was designed to steal internet access passwords for its Filipino creator.


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2. Melissa:

It began as a contaminated Word archive that was posted up on the usenet gathering, guaranteeing to be a rundown of passwords for explicit locales.

This got individuals inquisitive and when it was downloaded and opened, it would trigger the large scale inside and release its payload.

The infection will mail itself to the main 50 individuals in the client’s email address book and this caused an expansion of email movement, disturbing the email administrations of governments and companies.


3. The Concept Virus:

The Concept infection, inadvertently dispatched on a CD-ROM provided by Microsoft in 1995, was the main infection to taint Microsoft Word reports.

Inside days it turned into the most far reaching infection the world had ever observed, exploiting the way that PC clients shared reports by means of email.


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4. Storm Worm:

It initially acting like breaking news of awful climate hitting Europe, tainted PCs around the globe in 2007.

A huge number of contaminated PCs were assumed control by programmers and used to spread spam and take characters.


5. Stuxnet:

Accepted to have been made by the Israeli Defense Force together with the American Government, Stuxnet is a case of an infection made with the end goal of cyberwarfare, as it was expected to upset the atomic endeavors of the Iranians.


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