Try not to run two hostile to infection programs in the meantime, as this may make your PC run to a great degree gradually or to crash. Uninstall one preceding introducing another.

Ensure that your hostile to infection program enables you to get refreshes. Numerous business instruments that come pre-introduced on new PCs must be enrolled (and paid for) sooner or later or they will quit accepting updates. The greater part of the product prescribed here backings free refreshing.

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Guarantee that your against infection programming refreshes itself consistently. New infections are composed and dispersed each day, and your PC will rapidly end up noticeably powerless on the off chance that you don’t stay aware of new infection definitions. Avast will naturally search for refreshes when you are associated with the Internet.

Empower your hostile to infection programming’s ‘dependably on’ infection identification include on the off chance that it has one. Diverse apparatuses have distinctive names for it, however the majority of them offer a component like this. It might be called ‘Realtime Protection,’ ‘Inhabitant Protection,’ or something comparable. Investigate the Avast Guide to take in more about how to filter your PC for virsuses and contaminations.

Sweep the greater part of the documents on your PC consistently. You don’t need to do this consistently (particularly if your against infection programming has a ‘dependably on’ highlight, as depicted above) however you ought to do it now and again. How regularly may rely upon the conditions. Have you associated your PC to obscure systems as of late? With whom have you been sharing USB memory sticks? Do you every now and again get abnormal connections by email? Has another person in your home or office as of late had infection issues? For more data on how best to examine records, see the Avast Guide.


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Be to a great degree wary when opening email connections, any records got (e.g. over Instant Messaging like MSN, Skype, and so on.) or downloaded from the Internet. It is best to abstain from opening any records got from an obscure source. On the off chance that you have to do as such, you should first spare the connection to an organizer on your PC, at that point open the fitting application, (for example, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat) yourself. In the event that you utilize the program’s File menu to open the connection physically, as opposed to double tapping the record or permitting your email program to open it consequently, you are less inclined to get an infection.

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